Tag: Management

  • Get alerts from Management Servers using SQL

    There’s a lot of ways we can retrieve a list of alerts from SCOM, but nothings quicker than going to the Database directly. So here’s a bit of SQL that can grab all alerts from a Management Server, but formats the output a bit nicer. So for example rather than outputting the severity as a […]

  • Get a list of SCOM Management Servers and Gateway Servers from SQL

    I recently received a question asking about getting some of the information from a table in my health check script directly from SQL. So in response to that, here’s some SQL code that will pull out the Management Servers and the Gateways from the SCOM Database, along with some performance collection data about each server.

  • Agents Pending Mangement using PowerShell

    I don’t know about you but I hate it when I have agents stuck in pending management…because, well they aren’t being managed and there’s no monitoring going on. So here’s a short PowerShell script to list all of your Pending Management Agents.