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Something I am very passionate about is both monitoring using SCOM (Systems Center Operations Manager) and sharing knowledge…so with that in mind I am starting to produce some SCOM 2016 Training Videos that I hope will grow to be unlike any other SCOM course ever!

So what will we learn from these videos? Hopefully over time you all will learn a heck of a lot!!! The initial batch of training videos will cover how to install SCOM. But as time permits I plan to cover many, many topics and scenarios and hope that you, the SCOM Community responds in turn with your requests and I will do my best to produce training that people want. I have learned a lot about SCOM over many years of managing and supporting well over 100 different SCOM installations from different companies. Many I built, most I inherited, but no two are ever the same. So it’s this sort of experience that I hope to share with you so you can have the benefit of other people experiences.

You probably haven’t seen me blogging as much as I would like just lately because quite honestly, creating these videos is a lot of work. But here’s the start of them, hope you like them…but please do share your feedback with me, I would really appreciate that because I would prefer to produce videos that you guys actually want rather than what I think you need.

I have started with the assumption that there might be people downloading and watching my videos that have no experience with SCOM so I am going to start off slow and ramp up to the more advanced topics as I progress.


Now here’s the rules as they stand right now.

  1. The videos are FREE and you can download and share any of the videos that I post on this page with your friends, colleagues, mum, dad, dog, whomever.
  2. They are all produced in 1080p. Actually that’s not really a rule, just wanted to point it out.
  3. All videos feature my voice, likeness and no that’s not actually my signature on the front screen 🙂
  4. Bookmark this page because I will add to this page whenever I release a new video.
  5. See Rule Number 1.



The videos currently available are:

  1. Introduction to System Center Operations Manager 2016
  2. System Center Operations Manager 2016 Components
  3. SCOM 2016 Requirements
  4. Installing a Domain Controller
  5. Creating the Service Accounts
  6. Installing SQL Server 2016
  7. Installing the First Management Server
  8. Installing an Additional Management Server
  9. Installing the Reporting Server
  10. Post Installation Configuration
  11. Installing Windows Agents
  12. Windows Agents Part 2



More details about each video and the important download links:


In this video I talk a little bit about what SCOM is and basically remind you that these videos are FREE! It’s just an intro but if you’re new to SCOM then have a watch.



In this video I talk about the various components that you might use when working with SCOM. Not all components are required in most organisations so some you may never work with, but it’s cool to know what SCOM really offers.



That dreaded video where I have to discuss what boring specifications you need in order to install SCOM. Truth is you can get away with a single good virtual machine with a few hundred gigs of disk space, a few virtual cpus and my videos showing you how to install it all :)… the reality is there are hardware requirements, Kevin Holman’s sizing tool, firewall ports and more to think about. You’ll learn that here.



You probably already have several domain controllers…but in this video I’ll show you how to install one on the new 2016 Server Operating System because hey you might want to learn it…also I need a domain controller for the lab we’re building as part of this course…as a bonus let’s do it in Windows PowerShell too!



Sure SCOM needs a few accounts to get it moving. I show you here what those accounts are, and show you how to create an OU in Active Directory, the accounts in Active Directory and then delete all of our hard work and show you how to do all of it again in Windows PowerShell…!



Well for SCOM we need a SQL Server and no better one to use than the latest version, SQL 2016! So here you’ll learn how to install it the old fashioned way…then install the Management Tools which are now a separate download. After that??? Yes you guessed it…we do a silent installation using our favorite tool…actually I’m kidding…we use the command prompt and a configuration file which of course, you’ll find included in the zip file. As a bonus, we fix the configuration.ini file to make the installation truly silent!



About time already!!! Let’s install SCOM 2016! How would you like a PowerShell video? Sadly this time, I show you how to install the first Management Server manually! Yes it’s a good idea to learn how to do it.
You’ll also see how to grant the Action and Das Service Accounts that we created in an earlier video the Local Admin permissions manually and of course using PowerShell…and you’ll see a PowerShell Script for opening the required Ports if you’re in a locked down environment.



Ok so I had a dilemma. In the previous video I elected to show you how to install SCOM using a manual installation method. So for this second Management Server, I also show you how to do it manually. Ok, ok settle down…after that, we do it using PowerShell. And I don’t want to give away any spoilers…but I do show you (and give you) scripts for installing the first and second (and third, fourth, fifth, etc) silently too.



Let’s face facts. You will be installing this feature. I know its (cough, cough) optional. But really? You don’t want reports? Yes you do. Watch this video and install the Reporting Server. Oh…did I mention we’ll do it manually and then using a silent installation. But you probably would have guessed by now that I would show you both ways.



In this video I talk about what configuration changes I like to do after SCOM is installed. Things like setting the Service Principle Names (SPN’s), sizing the databases and memory, compressing backups and setting the Maximum Degree of Parallelism for SQL Server. In addition we review heartbeat settings and set manually installed agents to be reviewed instead of rejected.



In this video I show you how to use the discovery wizard to install Windows Agents. We also see how to unlock all of the required ports to use discovery in a firewalled environment. Next we install an agent manually and see how when we install an agent on a Domain Controller, the additional step of using the HSLockdown.exe tool is required.



In this video I show you how you can set the Remotely Manageable flag on your agents to yes in the SQL Database. I also show you how to enable Agent Proxying for all agents but also how to configure SCOM so that all future agents you install also have the Agent Proxying feature turned on. Finally, I give you a bit of a lecture (lol) about why it’s so important that you ensure that your agents work properly!



In the previous video I ended with a short lecture on why it’s so important that you ensure that your agents work properly…in this video I pretty much start with the same lecture (haha). After that we begin to see how we can troubleshoot SCOM Agents. I talk about problems you might experience with manually installed agents versus discovery based installations. I discuss things like Gray agents, agents appearing in Pending Management, Certificates, the Health Service, Restarting the service, flushing the cache and how to read the windows event log.



Thank you for downloading and watching, I hope to hear some feedback from you guys, whatever sort it may be.


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  1. I wanted to take the time to say thank you not only for this informative series but for other works that you provide free of charge. A particular favourite of mine being the SCOM Health Check. I wonder – will that run on 2016?

    • Thank you for the feedback Jason, I appreciate it. And yes the latest version of my script does also work on SCOM 2016 🙂

  2. These videos are really good and more informative for all who want to go for SCOM 2016. Personally i want to thanks you for the great work.

  3. Thanks for sharing those videos. I was looking to learn more about SCOM 2016. This is just great. Those videos are absolutely great and very helpfull. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing these videos. I have bookmarked 🙂 and was wondering when the next videos would come out.

  5. Thank you for your documentary & experiences.
    Its good feel have you around to save those SCOM newbies.


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