Restarting the SCOM Services

I was asked today about restarting the SCOM Services…what order should they be stopped and started?

Well there’s clearly a few different opinions on this if you do a quick Google Search, but my preferred order is following the order in which they start up when you install SCOM…and that order is as follows:

Service Start Order

1. SDK
2. Health
3. Config

Therefore you’d assume the STOP order to be the reverse…

1. Config
2. Health
3. SDK


But don’t forget there are other services that might come into play if you’re truly shutting down all things SCOM related. Consider the MS Exchange Correlation Engine (or other Collector Type Services), Operations Manager Audit Collection, Operations Manager Audit Forwarding, OpsMgr VSS Writer and of course the SQL Services: SQLServerAgent (sqlagent.exe), MSSQLServer (sqlservr.exe) and Reporting Services.
So if these addition services are running on your SCOM Server then the order might be somewhat different:


Service Start Order

1. SQL Services SQLServerAgent (sqlagent.exe), MSSQLServer (sqlservr.exe), Reporting Services
2. SDK
3. Health
4. Config
5. MS Exchange Correlation, Audit Collection, Audit Forwarding, VSS Writer

Service Stop Order

1. MS Exchange Correlation, Audit Collection, Audit Forwarding, VSS Writer
2. Config
3. Health
4. SDK
5. SQL Services MSSQLServer (sqlservr.exe), SQLServerAgent (sqlagent.exe)


Of course, you could just reboot the server and leave it to Windows to sort it all out for you 🙂

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