New SCOM 2016 Video – Post Installation Configuration

Another video for you guys, this one talks about what configuration changes I like to do after SCOM is installed. Things like setting the Service Principle Names (SPN’s), sizing the databases and memory, compressing backups and setting the Maximum Degree of Parallelism for SQL Server. In addition we review heartbeat settings and set manually installed agents to be reviewed instead of rejected.

You can download it right here: 10-post-installation-configuration

2 responses to “New SCOM 2016 Video – Post Installation Configuration”

  1. Thanks a lot for such a detailed Videos. It is very hard to find anything descent like this anywhere else.
    Even if you find, it will be theory based.

    These videos are providing details which you will not find anywhere or anyone teaches you anyway.

    • Thank you for the feedback Harmik, that’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve here — providing real world experiences so people can hit the ground running. I’m so glad you like the videos and there will be plenty more coming.

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